Landscaping in Albuquerque NM

Looking for a good landscaper in Albuquerque? You want someone who is professional, reliable, and most of all, affordable!

Albuquerque landscaping companiesThere are countless Albuquerque landscaping companies that can perform all kinds of services, including: xeriscape, waterfalls, ponds, patio covers, retaining walls, fire pits, outdoor BBQ, pool landscaping, etc.

Whether it’s residential or commercial landscaping that you need, make sure you choose a contractor, or company, that will deliver on what they promise, and get it in writing! The last thing you want is a dispute or disagreement halfway through the job. Everything should be very clear upfront and understood by both you AND the vendor.

Residential landscaper Albuquerque

Starting with landscape design and planning, all the way through to maintenance services, you should know EXACTLY what is expected. Costs/price, time frames, schedules, materials, etc., are all factors that determine the outcome of any project.

Landscaping in Albuquerque presents specific challenges that a good contractor will understand. Growing and maintaining certain types of plants in the southwestern United States is all but impossible, so it’s wise to have reasonable expectations.

xeriscape Albuquerque

There are numerous types of plants that are native to the desert, including multiple kinds of poppies, cacti, and larger trees. You can incorporate a combination of these to achieve all the color and variety that you desire when you’re looking for great desert landscaping ideas.

Desert landscaping is largely about choosing plants that can survive even when using lower quantities of water as well as enduring the higher levels of sunlight and extreme heat.

Albuquerque waterfall design

If you’re thinking of building a waterfall or fountain, keep in mind how much water will be needed to keep it full. Evaporation is a huge factor and it will definitely impact your water bill. Obviously the benefits are worth the extra cost.

Backyard landscaping can be a fun and challenging project, and seeing the end result makes it all worthwhile.
With so many interesting landscaping ideas and designs, you can have a picturesque dream layout in your own backyard.

ABQ landscape service

Consult with a desert landscaping expert to learn what types of features and plants will be sustainable on your Albuquerque property. Choosing the right combination of sand and water makes for a perfect outdoor landscape and this is especially true in our hot New Mexico desert!

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